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CFS Questions (protocol? safer/idea linkings?)

Im trying to get a handle on exactly what protocol CFS is using, but 
some things are still eluding me. 

The standard mode for cfs directories is the 2-key hybrid 3des. 2-key 
3des uses the encrypt-decrypt-encrypt scheme, right? 

The keyfiles for cfs appear to be 256 bits, which would seem to break 
into either four 64bit keys, or two 128 bit keys - is either of these 
right or neither? Im lost.

Additionally, it /looks/ like what is happening is that cfs is storing 
its 2 des keys (of unknown length) in a keyfile and then encrypting that 
with the users passphrase/word. Is that right?  And if so, isn't that a 
significant weakness?  Im wondering how it is generating a keypair from 
the passphrase to encrypt the bulk keys...

If someone has a full description of CFS's protocol schemes, i'd really 
appreciate it if you could send them (full text or a URL) to me 
([email protected]), or to cypherpunks. Also if anyone has/has seen diffs 
for linking IDEA to cfs i'd very much like any info you have (source is 
always welcome! :)  ) .. 

Additionally, if anyone has pointers to information about Safer, id 
apreciate it. :)