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Re: Auto-mail filters and penet-remiler loophole?

I beleive that penet supports such a thing.  send mail to 
[email protected] ...  


On Sun, 23 Jun 1996, Deranged Mutant wrote:

> Hm.
> Seems someone sent a message to my frienly-mailer filter using penet 
> remailer.  So of course that person will get an anonymized reply, 
> thus being able to know what my anon-id there is.
> Fortunetly I don't use penet or rely on it for any form of security.
> That's one situation where it would be nice to specify in a line 
> somewhere *not* to anonymize mail sent through there (a command in 
> header saying X-Do-Not-Anonymize maybe?)
> Rob.