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Re: Fixes to loop.c et al. for DES,IDEA,stego now done

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Julian Assange wrote:

> > > 
> > > This directory contains patches to the Linux kernel to enable encryption and
> > > steganography of filesystems. Encryption allows you to have a scrambled
> > 
> > With the addition of stego, this arrangment seems to be rather similar to 
> > CFS.  So the question on my mind, is can the loop device(s) be 
> Since when has CFS had any steganography features?

CFS has no stego features as far as I can tell.  Let me rephrase the 
above, since apparently it was unclear.

Other than the fact that the kernel patches support steganography, they 
seem to be similar in fuction to CFS.

A point that is actually unimportant to the post, other than to establish 
my thinking.. which is that if both systems are functioning in a similar
manner, they could conceivably both have the same limitations, namely, the 
limitation of being single threaded..