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Re: Secure IRC

 U> How about the idea of a secure Internet Relay Chat?

I'm fairly interested... version 2 of PGP is generating some interest here in the FidoNet, though it has some serious problems, design problems. (It's "ASCII armor" method (ala UUENCODE) is delicate and fussy, for example).

I am considering becoming and "introducer" for parts of FidoNet. I can't seem to get past the problems of how to assign reliability to public keys I receive over an unsecured email channel to begin with.  No other method is practical.

Alas, I can't take part in much it seems, the UFGATE was hobbled to intentionally prevent us FidoNet people from entering text into message headers (For example "Request-Remailing-To:"...) because we'd take over the planet or something I guess (we are apparently contagious).

 U> The Server receives it, decrypts it, then for each of the participants
 U> currently in this particular room, the server encrypts the msg
 U> with that person's Public Key and sends it. 

Doesn't this imply that the unencrypted message would have to travel from the originator to the server? Or do you mean to send to X I'd request X's public key from the server, then encrypt, etc?

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