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public vs. private

marc suggests:
>>I *am* a little worried about publicizing the whole thing;
>>perhaps it's okay to make it a showpiece but
>>the real stuff needs to be done in a much more private way.

Consider the phage model (which I & my roommate efrem lipkin have
been considering for a longish while, since Community Memory) :

The bacteriophage virus replicates itself by injecting its own
information into an existing system. The more copies of the phage,
the worse for the bacteria etc etc. 
SO: in private, the planning, the designing, the coding...
for public distribution as widely as possible. If the technology is
intrinsically transformative, and if the process of distribution is
engaging, even exciting, the revolution is next tuesday.

hughes is hoping that remailers will pop up everywhere, even before the
encryption upgrades arrive... heh. And the more designers and coders we
rope in, via publicizing, to produce immediate lively replicating
phages, the better. Not so? If not so, I'll shut up forthwith.


PS: also it mindfucks the idea of conspiracy. hee hee.