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Meeting Sat. Oct. 10, noon, Mt. View


Second Meeting

Saturday, October 10, 1992
12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.

Cygnus Support offices
1937 Landings Drive
Mountain View

The second meeting of the cypherpunks will be Saturday at noon.  John
Gilmore has graciously provided us with a meeting space at the new
Cygnus Support offices.  These offices are so new, in fact, that
Cygnus will not have moved in yet.  This meeting will be
bring-your-own-pillow (or chair), since it will be held in largely
empty space.  Directions are at the end of the message.

Attendance is transitive trust, arbitrarily deep.  Invite whoever you
want, and let them do so also, and so on.  Invite them also to join
the mailing list.  Do not, however, just post the announcement.  Time
for that will come.

I'd like everyone who plans on attending the meeting to send me,
[email protected], a message telling me so.  I'd like to get a
rough head count before Saturday for game planning.

We are starting at noon because of popular demand.  Eat beforehand or
bring a burrito or something.  It will be fine to eat during the first
segment; it won't be any more disruptive than the game is.

Bring your PGP public key for in-person key distribution, preferably
on diskette.  We'll need a portable PC or three to do key
distribution; if you have one you can bring, post to the list and tell

We realized after the first meeting that a strict schedule was
nonsense.  This meeting has a very informal schedule.


Starting at noon, we're going to play session two of the
crypto-anarchy game, in which players try to conduct business under
the watchful eyes of others.  We want to play for two hours and then
have discuss experiences afterward for about an hour.  Some of the
improvements over last time will be flatter denominations of money,
wider distribution of commodities, more watchers (governmental and
otherwise), and perhaps some pre-printed forms.

We'll take a break to regroup for about ten or twenty minutes.

For the second half we'll talk about the security of remailers.  I'll
lead the discussion.  We'll be designing protocols and analyzing
attacks and defenses.  I've done this with DigiCash for electronic
money protocols, and remailers are much easier, but still probably
more than an afternoon's discussion.  We'll do this until six or so,
when people will have to start leaving.

Everyone who wants to will go out for dinner.  I don't know the
restaurants down there; perhaps someone could suggest one?

It's at 1937 Landings Drive, Mt. View.  101 to Amphitheatre Parkway
(the bay side of Rengstorff Ave), go right at the first light,
pass a right turn, and just before the road crests a tiny hill,
turn right into the Landings complex.  We're in Building H.