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[email protected]
   I am the moderator of the Computer Privacy Digest.  The computer
   Privacy Digest is an Internet mailing list that is dedicated to the
   discussion of how technology impacts privacy.  This list is
   into the moderated USENET newsgroup comp.society.privacy.  In lot
   ways it is a subsection on the risks digest but it concentrates on
   the risks of technology on privacy.  The charter is:
   comp.society.privacy    Effects of technology on privacy
   This newsgroup is to provide a forum for discussion on the effect
   technology on privacy. All too often technology is way ahead of the
   law and society as it presents us with new devices and
   applications.  Technology can enhance and detract from privacy.
   This newsgroup will be gatewayed to an internet mailing list.
   Submissions go to: [email protected] and administrative
   requests go to [email protected]
   Moderator:  Dennis G. Rears
      MILNET:  [email protected]    UUCP:
      INTERNET: [email protected]  USPS:  Box 210, Wharton, NJ
      Phone(home): 201.927.8757        Phone(work): 201.724.2683/(DSN)
      USPS:     SMCAR-FSS-E, Bldg 94, Picatinny Ars, NJ 07806
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I , Secret Squirrel, am merely cross-posting the above.
I have nothing to do with it, and am in now xxx no way connected
with comp-privacy.  Just thought it might interest someone here.