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re: Matching Text, Headders and Signatures with Crypto Hashes

 U> From: [email protected] (Hugh Daniel)

 U>   For example in NetNews I proposed changing the 
 U> MessageId: headder such that part of the gobldyguk on the 
 U> left side of the atsign was a crypto hash of the body of 
 U> the message and some of the important sending host 
 U> generated headders.   With this system of MessageId:'s 
 U> anyone who corrupts a message (intentionaly or otherwise) 
 U> creates a bogus message, as the next machine that gets the 
 U> message can see that the message does not match it 
 U> MessageId: line. 

There's a FidoNet mailer (Dutchie) that uses MD4 to generate message
IDs in exactly this way... They did some cheat, to allow certain
filters (CR/LF vs LF, etc) to work.

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