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re: Game items...

Screw this fake scenario shit, here's some real ones:

-- Safe sex in the age of AIDS. Guess what -- oral sex is safe. Cum in
your mouth and stomach does not transmit HIV. *No one* is tracking
healthy people. There were *two* "documented" cases (none of the above
type) that seemed to be oral transmission of AIDS. Saying "oral sex is
generally safe" would amount to condoning oral sex. Fat chance in the

-- HIV is not always involved in AIDS.

-- Not all people with AIDS die on schedule like the CDC says. AZT
kills people. Many people live years and years. Some few haven't died
since the "discovery" of AIDS in 85/86. No one is studying them

-- Access to genuine information on RU-48 (?) the so-called abortion
pill. Turns out it does some cool stuff re: breast cancer and even
morning-after abortion.

-- Access to sexuality information of all or any kinds. Not all people
do the ole missionary position. Erotica of all kinds.

If any of these things got a reaction out of you, then maybe they'd
make good examples for privacy/encryption scenarios.

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