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Re: Keystone

:I would be hesitant to implement a system that _only_ required a user
:to generate a key pair.  This, for the users, is too much provided
:privacy.  It will not teach the users how privacy really works, nor
:will it give them any good idea how their privacy is being maintained.

I take the opposite view -- I dare *not* supply such a system. Any user that
is interested enough in 100% privacy will be encouraged -- both from the
email prompt and through the message bases/file areas -- to d/l a copy of
PGP. I'll probably write a tutorial on using it as well.

But many users do not have the interest/time/ability to set up PGP on their
home system. For them, I want to provide the best possible privacy given the
ease with which anyone who can find their local LMOS can tap (voice or data)
a line...

:Defended privacy does not need to be difficult.  I would spend effort,
:instead of modifying BBS software, to make it easier for users to
:handle encrypted email with their own terminal programs.

I don't have my user's terminal program -- I *do* have the bbs software.

:Again, trusted systems can turn into provided privacy.  If there is a
:distributed solution you can think up, use it.

I don't know any way to maintain an up-to-date, central keyring without
someone being in charge of regular updates. I'd make it available via
Fido, FTP, BMS and regular d/l.


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