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Re: Mac Version PGP

Subject:  RE>Mac Version PGP

> No one has been able to get me the source-code to PGP, and when
> I ftp'd it from wherever, it came ZIP'd in a format that my
> unzipper doesn't recognize.

There are several mac un-zip programs available for anonymous ftp from
sumex.stanford.edu (cd info-mac/util; mget unzip-11.hqx mac-zip-10.hqx). 

> But, it should be fairly straight forward to throw it into

A person here has put a short amount of effort into "macifying" PGP.
He's gotten it to compile in Think and MPW, but it won't run yet.
According to him, the technical reason is that some sort of "goofy
bus-error bullshit" is occuring, and so, if you figure it out, please
let this list know (as well as possible posting it to alt.crypt.sources,
if such exists).  We will do the same.

Good luck!