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Re: Home security...

Tempest: there are companies which make cages for Macs and PCs, I don't have
addresses but they can probably be found with some searching of ads.  The
main application it would seem, is not the individual home user (unless
s/he's a notorious digital dissident) but rather the encrypted BBS,
particularly one which decrypts and re-encrypts or retransmits messages.
Consider the labor cost of monitoring a computer, and you can see it would
be reserved for the ones that are "significant."  

Keeping your computer off the phones and AC while doing crypto processing,
can be fairly easy.  Unplug the darn modem from the phone socket.  (Gee that
was simple, wasn't it?)  Use a laptop and run it entirely on the batteries
while doing crypto processing.  You can go buy an old laptop pretty cheaply
these days...  Or get an uninterruptable power supply for your main
computer; cost will vary from $600 to $1500 depending on how much time you
need to be running on the large batteries which are converted into AC to run
the computer.