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Mac Version PGP

No one has been able to get me the source-code to PGP, and when
I ftp'd it from wherever, it came ZIP'd in a format that my
unzipper doesn't recognize.  (Maybe I've been ZIP superceded).
Anyway, it hasn't been very convenient to get a hold of it for me.
But, it should be fairly straight forward to throw it into
THINK C.  THINK C supports a console with command-line.  You
would not necessarily have to Mac-ify it (although it would
certainly make it more aesthetically pleasing); so porting
to the Mac is not a dead-end port.  THINK C should be
able to compile and execute PGP as-is.
As soon as I can get the source, I'll put my words into action.
(re: Macifying it: It's simple enough to slap together an
interface on top of something like PGP; that's one, maybe two
dialog boxes with a bunch of radio buttons and check boxes
and a routine to parse it all and hand the info over in a way
PGP expects.  BFD.  So, criticisms I've heard about
it being a hassle and a pointless exercise to port PGP to the
Mac are without merit, as far as I'm concerned.)