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re: Keystone

 U> But source code is not available.  The trouble is that all 
 U> the decent terminal programs for PC's are shareware or 
 U> commercial (or were originally shareware and have become 
 U> commercial).  I too would like to know of any 
 U> source-available PC terminal programs, but I suspect there 
 U> are none because of the prevailing shareware culture. 

I'll give you all of my Fido/FidoNet and FidoTerm sources. You can
already have ReadMail.

 U> communications programs use FOSSIL drivers, but many (if 
 U> not most) terminal programs don't support it.

Commercial people still sneer at amateur systems like FidoNet. Their
loss. FOSSIL is widely supported otherwise. FidoTerm and Fido/FidoNet
both support FOSSIL, as do "all" FidoNet programs.

 U> One incentive would be for the BBS operators to phase in a 
 U> policy that they will accept no e-mail which is _not_ 
 U> encrypted.  Comments? 

[email protected]+#)(#$ You oughta see what most sysops think. It's
embarrassing. In their defense, NO ONE WILL TELL US what is
reasonable. I know, I know how much is presently undefined and without
precedent, but the broadest general parameters and guidelines are not
that obscure. 

I'm also part of the BBSLAW mailing list (out of EFF) and it's
finally contained some applicable stuff. What you wanna bet the
lawscum won't let me repeat in any manner the recent thread on email?
(Yes I'm asking.)

(Most sysops are terrified that an in-transit, third-party message
will contain some illegality and they will all be BUSTED. Hence, it
is routine for them to review personally every in-transit message,
and kill or bounce them! I am not kidding. 

(I know this must have been dealt with in the Internet (is
kumr/cygnus/etc liable when I tell you that RICHARD NIXONS VISA CARD
NUMBER is 4131 34534 456456 456546?) but somehow, no one's ever
passed this info on to us.)

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