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temporary request

Greetings CypherFolk,
I, one of your newest members, am on vacation in Europe (right now I'm in
Holland enjoying the "coffee" shops) and am temporarily restricted to using
AppleLink as my gateway to Internet. Because it costs $0.50 to $0.80 per piece
of email, I asked Eric to _temporarily_ remove me from the general alias until
I return to the US in December, saving me major bucks. When I get back, I'll
announce that you can send me mail at "[email protected]". I enjoyed the
repartee I sampled and look forward to joining in as I learn more.
Offer of the Week:
If anyone needs me to physically pick up a PGP key from someone here in Europe,
I have a train pass good for another month (maybe longer if I can alter it
again) and will consider any request that will take me to interesting locations
and connect me with interesting folks.
Further Request:
If any of you send any interesting stuff to the group alias (e.g. Russ
Whitaker's article on "computer cryptography" from the Economist) and think it
might be of general interest to someone learning about the whole encryption
process (i.e. me), please cc me at "[email protected]" anytime. This
would be appreciated. I also encourage anyone who has helpful learning material
to forward it to me so I can get up to speed. I am working on an interesting
project I would like to share with the right people, but I am not prepared to
discuss it in public.
Does anyone have a copy of PGP 2.0 that runs on a Macintosh? If you email it to
me, I will cover any costs you incur. Coolness.
Until we all meet in person,