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BBS E-mail policy

>From: George A. Gleason <[email protected]>

>Voice: yeah, it's a pain in the tail. One thing I thought might be
>interesting is to use two digitisers: one for the voice input, another for a
>keystream which is derived from a radio or TV program signal which can be
>picked up simultaneously by both correspondents.  XOR the two streams
>together and then do whatever you have to do to make the encrypted results

Its so simple to just built fully digital systems that use real public
key encryption, I don't see why anyone would want to use something
like you are proposing. Your system would provide virtually no real

I really suggest that anyone who is serious about doing this stuff
read unabridged (hardcover only) version of "The Codebreakers" by
Kahn. He gets into lots of historical examples of how stupidly
designed cryptosystems have cost people their lives. Ususally, people
have very poor ideas of what is and isn't secure. I suggest that some
historical perspective may give people more respect for how hard it is
to do this stuff right.