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Update on Crypto Session at Hackers

Here's the semi-final information on the Crypto Session at Hackers
this coming weekend:

(Note: These inputs and volunteered talks came in over the past
several days. There may be some changes of course. I'd like to see us
get together---anybody who is reading this message---on FRIDAY NIGHT,
in the refreshment room at MIDNIGHT, so we can plan, make any schedule
changes, etc. This is of course up to you folks. I'll post a message
somewhere prominent reminding you and listing time and location, if
different from above.)

* Time: Saturday afternoon, probably 3:00--4:30 (check the schedule!)
        (in an earlier update I mistakenly said we had only an hour)

* Format: 7-10 minute talks by 4-5 people, followed by open
discussion, questions, debate, etc.

* Schedule: 

- Opening comments, groundrules, settling down, etc. (5-10 min), Tim
May  (I'll point people to a glossary posted on the wall and ask them
not to interrupt the speakers with questions about the basics of
crypto, such as whether DES has a trapdoor, etc.)

- PGP, Fidonet, and Mail....Tom Jennings

- Diffie-Hellman key exchange for rlogin, etc....John Gilmore

- Anonymous remailers and DC-Nets....Eric Hughes

- Digital time-stamping....either Stu Haber or W. Scott Stornetta

- Open discussion, debate, etc. (45 minutes)

I'll be the moderator, to keep folks to their time allotment.

* If you have "poster" material, please bring it

* We can also suggest that the discussion be continued later that
evening, in one of the ad hoc sessions around midnight. Maybe some new
topics can be be planned for a late night session.

* Eric Hughes has suggested we stamp our badges with my red "CRYPTO"
stamp, so that we can know ourselves (sort of a crypto oxymoron, eh?).
See me and I'll stamp you, if you wish.

Thanks for all of your excellent suggestions. I think this could be
one of the best sessions at Hackers.

--Tim May,  408-688-5409

Timothy C. May         | Crypto Anarchy: encryption, digital money,  
[email protected]       | anonymous networks, digital pseudonyms, zero
408-688-5409           | knowledge, reputations, information markets, 
W.A.S.T.E.: Aptos, CA  | black markets, collapse of governments.
Higher Power: 2^756839 | PGP Public Key: awaiting Macintosh version.