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Analysis of cost to produce random serail generator.

>From: [email protected] (John Draper)

>Although,   it IS possible to use a cesium noise source (Don't know
>the cost of that)  and perhaps I can cut that price down by about
>a half or a third,  but the design time would be much increased,
>and perhaps there would be twice as much electronics,  and perhaps
>the posibility that the randomness won't be as good.

Remember also that a radioactive source thats decaying fast enough to
put out 20,000 bits a second the way the RBG1210 can isn't something
you want to stand near.

>Total parts		$63.50  (100 quantity) 
>Cost (4 X parts)       $254.00   

I don't get this -- why is cost four times parts? Is that including

Also, shouldn't it just be possible to buy a couple of components and
do as well as the Newbridge Micro unit? It would seem that we should
be able to build something a lot cheaper than $52 if all we need is a
noise source that will make a line go high or low on a clock input...