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On a related tangent, There's an interesting bot on IRC
in the #hack room, called MACE0, whose purpose is:

mACe0 exists primarily to accept requests for access to a secure
mailing list but it performs other mundane functions as well. To
apply for access to the mACe0 mailing list you need to do three
things.  First, get PGP up and running on your system so that you
can generate RSA public keys.  Second, get one of the questionaires
listing below so u can fill it out.  As with all classic elite k-rad
systems, we have to know your capabilities and limits so that we can
appropriately deny your access. If this bothers you, too bad; the
old school k-rad d00dz have seen this type of bullshit before and know
exactly what to do.  Finally, use mACe0's public key to encrypt
your Questionaire and DCC it to mACe0.  mACe0 will also take
article submissions and public keys via DCC; both of which should be
encrypted with mACe0's public key.

*Note, when submitting public keys:
        a)   use pgp -kxa to extract them in ascii.
        b)   use a fairly unique filename so DCC won't overwrite
             your key.

/msg mACe0 info                 .Display this file again.
/msg mACe0 dir                  .Dir of files available
/msg mACe0 get filename         .To get a file

/msg mACe0 sendkey              .DCCs mACe0's public key
/msg mACe0 quest.1              .Get Hack specific Questionaire
/msg mACe0 quest.2              .Get Phreak specific Questionaire
/msg mACe0 quest.3              .Get Phreak/Hack mixed Questioniare