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(fwd) A Silver Bullet to Limit Crypto?

>From: [email protected] (John Romkey)

>   Date: Thu, 12 Nov 92 15:09:47 PDT
>   From: [email protected] (Tom Jennings)

>   I'd much rather have email users want privacy and rag about their
>   compromised system. Even a relatively poor one buts some substantial
>   blocks into routine bulk monitoring of traffic...

>As long as they *know* it's compromised. Too many people out there
>think the Internet, for instance, is secure already. They don't
>realize how easily one can spy on their email, or find out if they're
>subscribed to a mailing list.

I don't see what the point of putting out mediocre things is at all,
given that good things exist. PGP is free software. You need a good
RSA implementation? There is one out there already. Why put out crap
when gold is available and cheap?