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Re: DC 2600 mtg

> Perry Metzger writes: 

> Pardon, but isn't 2600 magazine a magazine by crackers for crackers?

No.  It's called "The Hacker's Quarterly" and never claims to be anything
else.  Eric Corley (editor/publisher) is completely above-ground.  He
even does a computer show on WBAI here in New York, though I haven't heard
it.  In fact, he was on MY radio show (WFMU) a few years ago talking
about hackers.  I was initially surprised that he was willing to use
his real name on the show; I ended up being almost disappointed by 
how "apolitical" he seemed.  2600 prints plenty of articles by flamboyant
young pranksters on how to break into this or that system, but rather
than an editorial line or policy, this is more a result of 2600's view
that all this information should be available and uncensored.  These are
the kinds of guys who uncover holes in multinationals' computer security
and TELL THEM about it.  (BTW, I'm not involved with the magazine in any
way; in fact, I find most of its articles kinda uninspiring or mundane.)