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Re: Rander box and other stuff

>I have a question regarding the ideas which have been circulating about
>using CD ROMs as key storage.  How does one go about rapidly and effectively
>erasing everything on a CD ROM?  The reason I ask is, in the case of OTPs
>you want to cancel your key as it's used, to prevent accidental double-use
>of key; and of course in any system you want to make sure that all your
>crypto material can be wiped squeaky clean in the event of a barbarian

A lab proven method:  Take CD-ROM.  Place in standard kitchen microwave. 
Set on high power cook for 5 seconds.  Press start.  Watch the action. 
Hang resulting artifact on wall as curiosity, which is all it's good for
now.  Let the wave air out a little (this won't fry it).

A great way of trashing obsolete but confidential CD's, and perhaps the
cypherpunk equivalent of flushing the dope stash.

Tim O.