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Re: Cryptographer jailed for selling crypto to political opposition?

>Chances are that Crypto AG has sufficient connexions in high places as to be
>able to get its people out of there.  I'm familiar with another case
>involving a large northern Euro maker of telecom systems who had two
>engineers taken hostage in Iraq on some inflated charge, and sentenced to 7
>years... the company fully expects to have its engineers out of there within
>six months, no question about it.    

Shades of Ross Perot.

Is it illegal to attempt to attack Iraq's computer systems if you were sitting
in your room one day and decided it was time to play havoc right back at them?

I realise the CIA etc would be involved in that sort of thing anyway but if a
private citizen decided to quietly have a dabble, and he wasnt spotted by the
Iraqi's at least, would many people get upset? There is the possibility of
encroaching on USA clandestine operations I guess...

Are there any precedents for this? Has anyone actually become aware of
attempts? :)