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Re: Hackers, Crackers

>Let's cut out this elitist "crackers" crap altogether.  

Well, I don't know about this guy, but there's something similar that 
occurred to me during the hackers conference.  Some of the people on this
list heard me express it badly, and I wanted to clarify.

We always used to distinguish hackers from crackers.
But cracking reveals the cracks in a way that nothing else does.  
It makes them real, sometimes laughably or painfully so.
Electronic privacy is currently a joke.  It's bad.
You need to know what kinds of attacks you're trying to defend against.
I used to think those arguments were rationalizations.  
Now I'm glad there are people who know this stuff, who are actually doing it.
Some of "them" are on what I think of as the good side, and "we" need that
kind of knowledge, if only as an occasional splash of cold water, a spur
(to switch metaphorical, er, horses in mid, um, stream).

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[email protected] (FutureNerd Steve Witham)