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Finally back

Greetings,  I'm finally back on-line for a few days here,   and want
to make the most of it.   I'll be checking my Email frequently during
the day tommorrow,  and reading all back messages (All 120 of them),
getting cought up on the latest...   Before I forget,   if anyone
wants to send me an encrypted message,   My key is as follows,  so
Pse add it to your pubkey list in case you want to send me an
encrypted message.

Version: 2.0


I haven't really started collecting pub keys yet,   but I propose
that we have a list stored somewhere on an ftp site.   Or perhaps
someone who has the keyrings.

I'll have more things to Email later on,   it has been a long night
here,  finally got to most Email.

Had one fatal crash of the MacPGP program where it hung up the system
when I tried to encrypt a message to someone.

I have now tested out the PGP program fully,  and now know how to use
it.    I can see plenty of omprovements I will want to make,   but to 
do it right,   we might have extensive changes to make.    Still not
done looking at code yet,    but the modules I
ve seen are pretty easy to inderstand.


John D>