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How far is to far?

Maybe it's not in the spirit of this mailing group but what of the question
of purposeful abuse of the anon mailers/newsposters? Say for instance some
person posts either a sh*tload of garbage to every known group, flooding
the USENET or a more personal attack whereby they send out anonymously 
information that was so fundamentally personal to someone they could
possibly react very badly....

What if someone posted some top secret information and the various three
letter acronyms all went out for someone's blood.

As a few people have mentioned they would *like* the opportunity to use
an anon system but the initial step of creating and running it isnt so
appealing due to the fundamental dangers of it.

Most people would respect such systems but you find one really rotten or
immature loser that will use it for there own anti-social ends.


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