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Encrypting all mail and the protection of..

I thinat in the case of      n reading back over the debate about mail encryptionthrough the encryption debate,my main thought seems to
be,like the someone said earlier, that really the thing to push for is a
mass people's movement to encrypyt all mail as a matter of course,
with the tools to encrypt/decrypt be ing programs whose source code
is freely published and open to scrutiny.Ultimately,if ALL mail, of
any kind is routinely encrypted and decrypted using a suitable encryption
metheod,privacy will be something we will tajke for granted.This right
should be guaranteed via a Constitutional amendment.The decreasing cost of
silicon will make this increasingly practical, and the money saved through
the curtailment of credit card fraud,etc. (uncrackable digital suignatures would also have
a side-benefit in that they would eliminate most credit card fraud.)would
make this a win win situation..(except fotr the spooks and the crooks..)