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The List is YOURS, So Speak Up!

Lurking Cypherpunks,

My message earlier today on a scenario for the banning of cash led to
about 10 responses mailed to me in private e-mail. Typical is the
following (the author has been deleted, as he chose not to post it to
the list as a whole):

"I'm interested.  I was considering removing myself from the cyberpunks
list, because the traffic/info. ratio is too high (low?)..  I'm glad I
didn't, because your message is the type of thing I joined the list to
read.  I don't suppose there somewhere where I can get a 'condensed
version' of the cyberpunks list, or something similar?
"I've heard a bit about "crypto anarchy" (only from cyberpunks mailing
list), and i'm interested.  What's the next step?"

You folks out there ARE the list! If there's something you want
discussed, go ahead and start a new thread. Raise some issues, stir up
some shit.

It seems from some of the messages I got today that people think they
either have little to add to the discussion, or are fearful of the
consequences of posting their comments to a list such as ours.

About the former point, all I can say is that the best learning comes
from arguing a position and learning to defend it. Merely _posting_ a
message generates added interest and piquancy about the list, I've

So consider this an invitation to the hundred or so folks who have yet
to post on this list!

For those who are paranoid, well, chances are They already know who
you are. They have files on you.

Remember this,

* It is not illegal to advocate violence.


* it is not illegal to advocate the overthrow of the government.


* it _is_ illegal to advocate the overthrow of the government by
violent means.

If you stay away from this last item, you're relatively safe. (Even
advocating drug use has not seemed to have much effect on the posters
on alt.drugs.)

In any case, the work being done by Eric Hughes, Hal Finney, and
others, should give us fully anonymous posting capabilitites in the
near future. Even with digital pseudonyms! (Check out the postings of
"Cassandra" and "Pollyanna" for starters.)

If the socioeconomic aspects of crypto anarchy interest you more than,
say, discussions of random number generators, then clearly you should
_post_ on those topics!

And if all you have are _questions_, then by all means ask them! Those
of us who post frequently on this list cannot try to anticipate your
questions and concerns.

I've been spouting this stuff for years and they haven't taken me away
yet, nor have they


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