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Re: Question about the MacPGP

re Tai's item about more user-friendly decryption on the Mac version....

Seems to me we need it for encryption as well...  For instance, telecom
software which allows you to back out into a screen editor where you write
something and then encrypt it, and then get back to telecom and transmit the
ciphertext directly.  In my use of email, spontaneous mail and replies are
vital.  Having to go offline, go into WP, compose, go to crypto and encrypt,
then go back to telecom, link up again, and transmit.... Holy cow, if that
were a prescription for safe sex, it would be "Start a romantic evening.
Just when you and your Love are sitting by the fire holding hands, get in
the car, go to the drugstore and buy condoms.  Then come back to where
you've left your Love waiting by the fireplace, and try to get back in the
romantic mood.  Then before bedtime, walk around the house to make sure all
the lights are off and the oven is off and the dog is in and the cat is out.
Then retire for the night, and try to get the romantic mood going again,
hoping that your Love hasn't fallen asleep while you were making your
rounds..."  Eee-yow, we can do better than that!