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RE: PGP on local machine (was Re: MacPGP)

In Message Wed, 25 Nov 92 10:30:09 PST,
  Eli Brandt <[email protected]> writes:

>You compose the message, using emacs or some other Turing-complete editor.
>You hit the "PGPify" key [sequence].
>emacs echoes a special START string
>The local comm program recognizes it and goes into "capture" mode.
>emacs blats the plaintext to stdout, where it is captured.
>emacs echoes a STOP string.
>The comm program sees this, stops capturing, shells to DOS, and runs PGP.
>emacs kills the original text block.
>(emacs command ends)
>The comm program shoves the cyphertext into the uploadt editor to write your messages then
you've just lost the whole reason for encryption.
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