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I got the metamail stuff running on my machine.  I think it's a good way to
get the multimedia mail job done.

Does anyone on the list have a better .mailcap entry for pgp than the 

application/pgp ; pgp < %s ; label="PGP encrypted text" ; compose="pgpcompose %s"

where pgpcompose is a quick hack that looks like:

rm /tmp/pgpcompose
vi /tmp/pgpcompose
echo What key?
read key
pgp -mae /tmp/pgpcompose $key
mv /tmp/pgpcompose.asc $1
exit 0

I've just been fooling around with metamail for a couple days, and I don't
know what the best way to include PGP is...  This seems to work, but I'm
guessing I'm missing something more elegant.

Bill O'Hanlon						 [email protected]