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Re: Electronic Banking

IRS regulations related to 1099-b and 1099-misc make it LEGAL providing
all parties and the BANK file with the IRS. Bank MUST file when over 100 transactions per
year are recirded. Individuals must file each transaction. Add some rules
for mandatrory electronic filing when movre than 500 (I think that's the limit)
transactions are posted. ZAdd another hassle with mandatory 20% of value
must be withheld and filed with IRS inlieu of taxes...
(reference 1992 IRS publication on 1099 processing, pages 10-12... pub
number available on request)(I left my copy at the office).

As I told Tim, this smack s of Al Capone like harassment... "We'''
make it WORSE if we catch you" BUT I have personal experience with IRS
in 1980, 81, 82 as they attacked barter (I designed and developed
software for an electronic settlement system for Trade Systems Corporation
in San Jose; we did about 4 million/year unitl the IRS audits startedf and
then all big players got tax attacked). for those without experience with
our IRS, remember they do not live within our regulary judiciary
(innocent until proven guilty) system with  open courts... they seize
first and have a closed hearing system underwhich you get to negotiate
a settlement to get YOUR stuff back, maybe. (references available upon 
request). They use local marshalls with large guns and IRS judical
orededers to tsake what everthey thiink they are due.

Again, as I told Tim, we should continue our public discussion of the
principles we hold dear and continue our efforts at preventing further
erosion. We should also be very careful about stepping on the dragons'
tails until we are privacy protected... principlesa nd theorey public,
practice and tactics private.

spreading the sanity, quietly