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PGP with license

This was originally addressed to Phillip Zimmermann.
Thank you for writting PGP. I have not run it on my Mac yet because my version
of Stuffit is 2.0 which deems the PGP.sit file to advanced. I resist
the incentives of compression program authors to produce frequent incompatible
updates which cost money and delay for little apparent advantage.
Compact pro is a shareware program that produces self expanding archives
which presume no pre installed decompressor. It is available by ftp at
You may forward this to whomever does the Mac version
or send me his email address.
What I really am writting you about is to suggest that if you wrote "another"
program compatible with PGP under a PFP license that I would pay at least $50
for it. I might pay more depending on my experience with the free version.
I would accept delivery by email.