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How Far is Too Far

Phil Karn said:

	I must concur with George Gleason's remarks about "sneaking
	around in the shadows of legality". I find myself getting a
	little uncomfortable with some of the more anarchistic ideas
	expounded in this and similar groups.

	[and lots of other sensible things]

	Just as good fences make good neighbors, we may well find
	that in the hands of the people, good cryptography will make
	for good government.

	That's why I find cryptography so interesting, and that's how
	we should sell it to the public.

And as an authentication tool.  There are many things that, while I
would rather they were private, the authentication aspects are more
important to me. Borrowing Money from the bank, any transaction.
People cotton on very fast to authentication and digital signatures,
they like the idea and buy into the need.