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Re: Detailed Scenario of Dongle Usage

Yanek's scenario might have been great for 1980, but in 1993, if your
electronic mail doesn't come right down into the computer in front
of you, that you trust, I want to know why not.  It works this way
for millions of Internet users, AppleLink users, and users of "offline
edit" programs for MCI Mail, ATT Mail, compuserve, AOL, Prodigy, etc.

It's cheaper to buy computers these days than terminals!  Seriously!

	John Gilmore

PS: Don't tell the list -- we've had more than enough traffic
recently.  Tell *me* ([email protected]) why you use your computer like a
terminal instead of like a computer.  I'll be gone for a week, so 
lack of speedy replies doesn't mean I'm not listening.