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Re: Secure key exchange


Two possible points of critique in an otherwise good idea.
1) HOME Address?!  As I've said before, that's arguably your most secure
datum since it's where you keep your soft, squishy body, and where the
baddies and black-baggers and so on would just looove to know where to find
you.  Let's not make it any easier for them.  

2) "I certify that I'm not a cop or spy."  That doesn't and hasn't ever held
up in any court in the land.  Plenty of precedent in drug case law.  "I want
to buy some pot."  "Okay, first tell me under oath that you're not a nark."
Result: nark laughs all the way to the police station, with fresh catch in
handcuffs.  We can't keep them out, and at some future time might want to
open up a dialog with the LE community on various issues.  No point looking
like a conspiracy if we aren't one.