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Secure key exchange

>There is no secure method of exchanging public keys using only the
>net.  [spoofing, etc.]

As mentioned by Hal, the new PGP 2.1 (imminent) has a feature to
create an hash or a public key which can be read over the telephone to
make sure that a key transmitted electronically has not been altered
in transmission.

>[long business description deleted]

There's really no need for a physical authentication service with the
telephone verfication ability.

>Plan B is to exchange/verify public keys face-to-face at parties,

There is just such a plan underway to have a PGP key exchange table at
Usenix in January.

>I have printed up business-card
>size copies of *fragments* of my public keys with the 6-hex-digit
>"Key ID".  

What could easily be printed is the hash function of the key.  That
would be even harder to duplicate.