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USSC Cases Available

Cross posted from a local net 125 echo... net access not availble for
this system.

       | To All Sysops -- You might want to leave an |
       | announcement advising your users of the     |
       | following. -={lsg}=-                        |

       USSC CASES & Selected Other Legal Decisions Available

The PC GFX Exchange BBS in San Francisco has begun building a
collection of US Supreme Court and selected legal decisions (eg.,
Cubby v. CompuServe).  The files are PKZIPed and, after their
initial upload, will eventually be moved into the board's file
directory #64 (Legal & USSC Case Files).

The BBS can be reached at the following numbers.  

415-337-5416 HST144/v.32bis (public line)
415-337-5599 HST168/v.32bis (downloading for subscribers only)
415-337-6846 HST144         (public line)
415-337-6849 HST168/v.32bis (public line)

While the board is an RBBSNet node, regretfully, FREQs are not
currently available.

PC GFX also carries the FidoNet LAW Echo as well as the LEGAL echos
from SmartNet and ILink.

A special note of deep appreciation to Mike Riddle and Alec Grynspan
for their generous contributions to the file base.

               -=<Lester Garrett, PC GFX Co-SysOp>=-

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