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cypherpunks mailing list structure

It's nice to have cypherpunks-announce existing.  A couple questions:
- will all the cypherpunks-announce traffic be gatewayed to cypherpunks?
  (alternatively, have all the cypherpunks subscribers been added to -announce?)
- will the new list be announced to sci.crypt, etc.? - we've already lost a
  number of subscribers from cypherpunks due to volume, so folks may have
  missed the announcement.

I've been getting swamped by the number of postings coming in through the day,
and we seem to have been losing a lot of people.  It's getting hard to
find my "real" mail in the clutter.
An alternative structure, which libernet uses, is to have both batch and
reflection subscriptions - batch folks get one digest a day, (produced 
automatically rather than by-hand as with some digest), which has the
articles in alphabetic-by-Subject order to provide some continuity.
Would it be possible for cypherpunks to do the same?
		Thanks;  Bill Stewart, somewhere over New Jersey.