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remailers, the prime user of bandwidth in the US (well, not yet)

Could all remailer operators please mail me ([email protected]) the
following information so that I can set up a remailer directory?  There are
so many remailers right now that this needs to be done:

1) address to mail to. for instance, [email protected]

2) how it works. what lines to put in the header, how to give it a pgp
block, etc.

3) pgp key (if used)

4) how to contact the owner. this may be anonymous. you can easily set up
your mail delivery file to have a Purpose: field and check it for
"contact-owner" which would then forward the mail to the owner.

4) owner's name and email address (optional).

I will compile all of this information and put it up for ftp on soda.