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Re: Cypherpunks, keep your humour dry

Tim May writes:
>> At the risk of stating the obvious, I think it is precisely schemes
>> like this that Denning was referring to. These are what she wants to
>> target.
and Ed Carp replies:
>My apologies - I guess I wasn't clear.  Waht I meant was, does she
>honestly think that people *won't* do what I suggested, just because
>there are laws >forbidding it?  If she does, she is surely living in
>a dreamworld.
  An engineer was attending a convention, and after a hard day of
conventioneering, returned to his hotel room and feel asleep.  About
3 AM, he woke up and smelled smoke, and realized there was a fire in
his room!  He immediately leaped out of bed, grabbed the fire
extinguisher, and let loose at the base of the flames.  After 30
seconds of spraying, the fire went out.  The engineer went back to
  A couple of months later, a physicist attended a physics convention
at the same hotel, and coincidentally was given the same room.  One
night during the convention, the physicist awoke and found the room
on fire!  The physicist grabbed a notepad and calculator from the bedside
table, and made some calculations.  He then picked up the fire
extinguisher, and made a quick squirt at a point a few feet from the
flames.  The fire immediately went out, and the physicist went back to
  A couple of months after that, a mathematician attended a
mathematics convention at the same hotel, and sure enough, was given
the same hotel room.  After spending the day in seminars, the
mathematician returned to her hotel room and went promptly to sleep.
Some time later, she awoke to find the hotel room on fire!  She
quickly grabbed a notepad from the bedside table, made some
calculations, said, "There is a solution in principle", went back to
sleep and burned to death.
   -- Steve
      [email protected]
Anyone who believes in the intelligence, efficiency, and integrity
of any government anywhere really, REALLY needs to get out more often.