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Re: Cypherpunks, keep your powder dry....

Geoff White writes:

> > But as "street corner drug dealers" start to use encryption (it could
> > happen...the "phase changes" to beepers and cellular phones happened
> > in a matter of months), there will be calls for restrictions to "keep
> > "unbreakable codes' out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.
> This is not a flame on you Tim, but look at the absurdity of this!
> Containers full of tons of coke come into the US daily, I'm sure these deals
> are not made on street corners, (their made in bank offices, and import

And this is not a flame back. I put "street corner drug dealers" in
quotes precisely to make an ironic point, that the Congresscritters
who make the laws will be citing these "street corner drug dealers" as
the justification of laws cracking down on crypto.

A code phrase, if you will.

Clearly there are many levels of drug distribution. Actually, I favor
complete and total drug legalization, and so I don't view drug
smuggling or sales as an kind of real crime. I just cited this is a
very likely rationale for crypto legislation--it certainly is not a
rationale many of us support.

-Tim May

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