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Privacy and mail-lists

>From:   Duncan Frissell <[email protected]>

>Naughty, naughty.  You should have a nice all paper UK license obtained
>without ID and a car owned by a New Hampshire-based corporation.  Is it
>rape if you say yes?
>Duncan Frissell
>"One is not required to own any car (even the one you're driving) a
>driver's license from any jurisdiction on earth is acceptable for
>(automobile) drivers in the US."  Privacy costs so little and means so
>much.  Frissell & Associates.

This might be a step away from 'cypher' topics, but, Duncan, I was
curious as to wether you publish any manuals on privacy, and/or can
suggest books or sources for privacy and financial privacy info. Ideally
of a hard-headed type, not the "If we could only start an offshore
digital Free Bank" genre.

Back to 'cypher' topics; I've not seen anything mentioned here about
anonymous and secure mail-lists-- probably I missed the discussion. Can
anyone suggest any files in soda.berkeley.edu or other archives that
tackle this topic?

Later, Bill