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Privacy and mail-lists

To: [email protected]

W >This might be a step away from 'cypher' 
W >topics, but, Duncan, I was
W >curious as to wether you publish any manuals 
W >on privacy, and/or can
W >suggest books or sources for privacy and 
W >financial privacy info.

Cypherpunks is dedicated to digital privacy.  One cannot practice digital 
privacy without an understanding of physical privacy techniques (and 
vice-versa these days).

Shameless marketing propoaganda will be sent by Email.

Duncan Frissell

"Privacy is a type of information that has its polarity reversed; I 
imagine it as anti-information.  In a world where everything is connected 
to everything -- where connection and information and knowledge are dirt 
cheap -- then disconnection and anti-information and no-knowledge become 
expensive."  -- Kevin Kelly

But not *too* expensive.  Frissell & Associates, custom crafted legal 
regimes since 1969. 

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