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From: Warren Keith Russell <[email protected]>
> I received a message from System Daemon telling me that I had sent a
> message using the anonymous contact service, allocating a code name, and
> explaining how I can be reached anonymously.

A few months ago, someone subscribed to the list through the Penet service,
and it ended up revealing the Penet aliases of everyone who posted.  Each
post was delivered to that subscriber marked as being from the Penet alias
corresponding to the poster.  All it took was a parallel non-Penet subscription
to break the anonymity provided by Penet.

Has this now happened again?

At the time, there was some discussion about using "an..." versus "na..."
forms of the Penet aliases, one of which would avoid this revelation.  Has
that been taken care of?

Hal Finney
[email protected]