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under pressure from University Computing svcs,

From: The Phantom <[email protected]>
> I'm going to have to shut down the phantom remailer. 
> Seems someone complained about a remailed message. I got a copy of the
> message, and it didn't seem to bad to me, but I've gotta go with what UCS
> says.
> As of today, the phantom remailer ([email protected]) is hereby out of service.
> Matt

It's too bad that this remailer is being shut down.  I posted a few days
ago about this problem, and someone asked if there had been any specific
examples of shutdowns.  Here is one; I know Matt's is not the first.

If it would help, Matt, I could provide you with code to act as a "second-
tier" remailer, one which would only forward to one of the other Cypherpunks
remailers.  No person would receive messages from your remailer, hence there
would be no complaints to your administration.  Your remailer would just be
an extra "entry port" into the Cypherpunks remailer system.

I don't know whether the terms of the shutdown of your remailer would allow
you to experiment with what is arguably a different piece of code, one which
would not lead to complaints.

Hal Finney
[email protected]