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>> >Again, I'd like to find out who it is, have them removed, and have my
>> >new penet id cancelled.  After all, this person now has email from me,
>> >with my penet id on it, with my name signed at the bottom.  If I
>> >decide to use the penet remailer in the future, I don't want this
>> >person to have a binding between my penet id and my real name.
>> >
>> >               Marc
>> If you'd set a password you'd have no problem. If you got a bounce,
>> you're OK.

I *never* had a penet account.  I sent mail to cypherpunks, and I was
magically allocated an ID.  When was I supposed to set my password?

BTW, this has happened for both accounts I use regularly, immediately
after I sent mail to the lists from those accounts.  The two
occurrences were days apart.

I think the only solution for this problem is to make id allocation
*not* be automatic.  I should have to explicitly request an id to send
through the remailer.