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Anonymous contact service

 Uu> Maybe all penet users on the list should activate passwords on
 Uu> penet.fi.   Penet may search back along the chain of addresses for any
 Uu> familiar  address to check against it's list of password-enabled
 Uu> addresses.

Something is way screwy with Penet lately.  I have found that I have had
passwords required when I had no recollection of installing them.  On
top of this, I am unable to use the password provision due to header
grunging at the UUCP gate, in any case.
.   I have requested to [email protected] that the accounts by number
be deleted in order that I can start over with fresh accounts, & despite
three requests, this has not been done.  Bloody annoying, but I suppose
when we give Julf a big raise, _then_ I can start bitching, huh? 8-)
.   Speaking of related remailers, what is the status of Charcoal?

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