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Re: Anonymous contact service

Apologies for replying on the list....

> Something is way screwy with Penet lately.  I have found that I have had
> passwords required when I had no recollection of installing them.  On
> top of this, I am unable to use the password provision due to header
> grunging at the UUCP gate, in any case.
> .   I have requested to [email protected] that the accounts by number
> be deleted in order that I can start over with fresh accounts, & despite
> three requests, this has not been done.  Bloody annoying, but I suppose
> when we give Julf a big raise, _then_ I can start bitching, huh? 8-)

Here's why. I can't reply directly to your message, as some gateway on
the way barfs on the ".." in your name. This seems to come and go. This
is probably also what screws up anon.penet.fi.

> repl: bad addresses:
> 	"M. Stirner" <[email protected]> -- no mailbox in
> local-part (.)

Another problem is that your address keeps changing. Thus you have
several ID's on anon.penet.fi, some with passwords, some without. Your
message was from [email protected], but in your sinature
you claim you are also [email protected] (or