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Re: Spooking of neural nets and image recognition...

Here are some general ideas for "encrypting" one's image:

Ear muffs, long hair, etc. 
	(Tim May mentioned ears are good for recognition)
Makeup variety
Beard variety (mustache, full beard, beatnik, sideburns, etc.)
False scars, moles, etc.
Variety of hats & eyeglasses
Realistic looking masks 
	(available from film or theatre prop/makeup companies?)
Gloves (if they start looking at hands, unique jewelry, etc.)

Anything too obvious (ski mask, sunglasses at night, the masks
used for the "Wired" cover, etc.) might trigger smart algorithms to 
red-flag the image.  As usual these techniques are popularly reputed 
to be the special province of criminals.  Only a criminal would want 
to avoid giving the world a dossier on where they shop, travel, withdraw 
money, etc. right?

Alas, that may be right: I suspect only smart criminals and
secret agents will go to the expense of doing this stuff; innocent 
trusting citizens will be the ones building their dossiers for
the Security of the State.

Nick Szabo				[email protected]